Serafim RodriguesYou have a great commitment to your favorite football club and you would like to lead him to a secure and successfull future?

You have talented football players in your football club an you will offer them a chance to become a football pro?

Or you are searching for new football talents to reinforce your team?

Then we offer you a cooperation with Serafim Rodrigues and will show you options and ways to successfull collaboration.


South Amercia & Europe

Südamerika & EuropaYour football club and your football players will benefit from our contacts and networking to professional football associations in Europe and South America!

Furthermore we take care of all national and international formality and licences.



Income for Football Clubs

Kontakt zu Serafim Rodrigues - Spielervermittler - Players AgentIn spite of the engagement of al lot of honorary members, today even smaller football clubs need financial help to survive in the future and to be successfull.

A lot of clubs improve their financial situation with selling good football players.

But what is the value of an football player?

Only an expert is able to estimate and mediate the real current value of an player.

Because of our good conditions and perspectives the players as well as the football clubs will profit. It's a win-win-situation for all participants.

Invest in the future of your team ...

We provide advice you gladly und we will bring your greatest talentes in contact with the best football associations in South America and Europe!